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My mom always told me that white wardrobes officially go in the closet after Labor Day and doesn’t reappear until Easter. “White clothing is unseasonal. It’s for summer”, she’d explain to me. So of course, I took that advice to heart. No white bottoms, shoes, or accessories. The occasional white shirt was fine. Somewhere along the way, she ended up forgoing that rule, telling me that New Orleans was the South, and it’s always warm here, so a white wardrobe is acceptable year-round. It was too late for me. I was (am) still the best follower of No White After Labor Day. But rules are meant to be broken, right?

So despite the fact that Hell is literally upon us in Spring/Summer, a.k.a. New Orleans weather normally, I am really excited for warmer temperatures. It signifies that Easter came, and now it’s spring! So, that means I get to wear white! I tried to shake off following that fashion rule, but it always comes back to me. Hearing it so often as a child meant it was kind of a “follow or have a bad look” thing for me. So, now I’ve been wearing all the white wardrobe I own. It is a special treat because I only have a limited time to wear my white wardrobe.

I’ve lately been in the habit of tying my clothes up into a knot. I do this with shirts, dresses, skirts. Any item of mine that is either too long or covers my waist up, I tie into a small knot. I love this dress I wore for these photos, but without the middle knot, it’s frumpy and boring because of its length. Adding the small knot helped the dress appear younger and fresh. I’m loving its button down front! Since it is a bit too large for me, I paired it with a silver belt to create a waist. Belts are my best accessory for too big dresses or shirts. I’m able to create a feminine silhouette!

Even though I try to transcend the rule of not wearing white for certain seasons, come Labor Day, I’ll pack up my white wardrobe. It’s hard to keep following “No White After Labor Day” when I see articles in Vogue saying that it’s no longer an fashion rule!

Eh, whatever I decide to do…the best part is that my burgundy hat never has a rule. I can wear that baby all year long! Before I end this post, I want to include how I custom ordered this ah-mazing felt hat from Halo Mimi. She is the winner of the #NOFW Top Design Competition 2017. I knew I had to have a hat when I saw her collection. I’m feeling very Lady Gaga-esque from “Joanne”.

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