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Brand Mission: “To create luxury one-of-a-kind hats for one-of-a-kind people. May it spark light to guide you, protect you and support you on your journey. May your journey be eye opening and profound.”


Halo Mimi is the brain-child of New Orleans’ native, Mimi Holaday. Growing up the daughter of a model she learned fashion and the haute couture world of hat making rather young. Her mother Susan Holaday modeled for famous New Orleans milliner and designer Yvonne Le Fleur.


Having not completed her first semester of the ninth grade and also being displaced from Hurricane Katrina, she ironically went on to receive a Bachelor’s degree in Business from Virginia Commonwealth in 2008. In 2013, Mimi received a degree in Fashion Design from FIDM in Los Angeles. That same year she received a full ride scholarship into FIDM's post graduate program for International Manufacturing & Product Development, which involved a nine month intensive design project traveling to Italy, France, and China.

After college Mimi worked as an apprentice for knitwear dress maker, Ted Kim, who was formerly the Senior Designer for Michael Kors. After working under Kim’s mentorship for a year, Mimi took the position of Creative Director for a textile design studio, developing prints for well known brands such as Brighton and VINCE. In May of 2015, Mimi decided to learn millinery, the art of hat making.


Growing homesick as the ten year anniversary of Katrina approached, Mimi decided the south was calling her home. In March of 2017, she brought her first collection of women's clothing and accessories to the New Orleans Fashion Week Top Design Competition and won first place! In September of 2017, she launched HALO MIMI and recently debuted her Airstream mobile boutique at New Orleans Fashion week in March of 2018.


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